JMVRI Papers

Existing JMVRI papers are listed under JMVRI Issues and can be downloaded free of charge. JMVRI typically publishes three papers per journal issue. JMVRI’s standard of scholarship requires all papers submitted are subject to a blind, peer-review process. JMVRI’s set of author guidelines for writing for JMVRI in general, covers word length for papers, referencing style etc., and criteria for writing about Maharishi Vedic Science. These author guidelines can be requested from <>The editors of JMVRI welcome submission from scholars and researchers in their fields and Maharishi Vedic Science

In certain instances an issue of JMVRI may be devoted to a specific theme. In such cases, the publication becomes a special issue, as, for example, are special issues on: researching the literature of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (JMVRI Issue Number 3); world peace and how to achieve it—the focus of three special issues (JMVRI Issue Number 6, JMVRI Issue Number 8, and JMVRI Issue Number 9); and mental health and Maharishi Vedic Science (JMVRI Issue Number 11).

Unlike any other journal, JMVRI is a unique and rare international journal in that it is devoted to all disciplines—scientific research, theoretical papers, explorations in the arts, literature, music and architecture—while bringing out the Vedic understanding from the perspective of Maharishi Vedic Science. Since its inception, JMVRI has published over thirty-four papers covering a broad range of topics now accessible on our website under “JMVRI Issues” where issues appear and, via click through, the reader can peruse individual titles, their authors and summaries in each issue.

The editors of JMVRI have planned for future issues to include studies and papers on research in Latin America, architecture and planning and Maharishi Vastu Architecture, and a number of challenging problems and pressing concerns in our contemporary lives and our interconnected world.

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