Forthcoming MVRI Press Publications

MVRI Press is dedicated to the publication of new books that bring practical and profound insight into solving issues in our communities and our world. From individual life to collective life, Maharishi Vedic Science includes a range of knowledge from all the sciences (from mathematics to physics), development of consciousness, education, law and jurisprudence, business and management, health care and well-being, Vedic Architecture, planning, arts and design, landscape architecture, Vedic Organic Agriculture, the science of Jyotish, Vedic performance or Yagya, music and Gandharva Veda, Vedic technologies of Yoga, Vedic technologies of defence, and so forth.

Upcoming volumes include a book titled “The Foundations of Maharishi’s Science of Creative Intelligence” by Dr Geoffrey Wells, Professor of Maharishi Vedic Science and Sustainability and founding Director of MVRI. Also in press are three books on how our global family can create and sustain world peace, the 25-year research program at Maharishi Vedic University in Cambodia, and designing and building with Maharishi Vedic Architecture.

MVRI welcomes interest in our publications and research programs.

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