Journal of Maharishi Vedic Research Institute

Our international journal, the Journal of Maharishi Vedic Research Institute (JMVRI) publishes research across all fields of knowledge—including the sciences, humanities, professional fields, government, law, justice and rehabilitation, social sciences, health and wellbeing, agriculture, sustainability science, urbanism, architecture and planning. JMVRI is an occasional, peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary journal dedicated to exploring the contribution of Maharishi Vedic Science to all fields of endeavour in order to enrich the value and effectiveness of knowledge and its applications in every area of life.

In November 2016, JMVRI was launched with its first issue, including papers on: Factor Analysis of Social Indicators in the Middle East, by David Orme-Johnson, looking at the effects of the group practice of technologies of consciousness in the Middle East; In Sight—Cognition or Darshana giving a new perspective on artistic vision; and Empowering Offenders to Rehabilitate, by Michael King, covering Transcendental Meditation, therapeutic jurisprudence and the criminal justice system.

JMVRI also publishes themed, special issues, such as: JMVRI Number 3, June 2017, researching Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, which contains an archive of publications by Maharishi and his world-wide organisation from 1957-2015; special issue Number 7, June 2018, which is dedicated to the analysis and development of the educational application of Maharishi’s Unified Field Chart; Number 6, April, 2018, Number 8, August, 2018; and Number 9, January, 2019, which are three issues that examine the question of how to achieve lasting peace through Maharishi’s approach to peace.

JMVRI’s Editorial Board includes Managing Editor, Lee Fergusson and Editorial Board, Anna Bonshek (Australia), Susan Brown (USA), Wendy Cavanaugh (USA), Adam Delfiner (Australia), Natalie Delfiner (Australia), Gaynor Hamill (New Zealand), Neil Hamill (New Zealand), David Kettle (New Zealand) and William Sands (USA). Supported by qualified researchers publishing in their fields, all papers undergo a peer-review process, through the assistance of an experienced, international community of scholars.

Submissions are invited. All submissions are subject to peer-review and an editorial review process. Enquiries on requirements for submission of papers for publication, contact: editors@maharishivedicresearch.org

If you would like to enquire about our publications, please contact us at       info@maharishivedicresearch.org