2018 conference

5th Greater Mekong Subregion International Conference (GMSIC), Thailand, 2018

In 2018 a group of institutions from Laos, Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia, including MVRI, participated in the 5th Greater Mekong Subregion International Conference hosted by Rajapark Institute, Bangkok, Thailand. The conference was opened by Raja Vikram.

Frances Clarke, Dr Stuart Vernon, and His Excellency Muon Veasna, Vice President of University of Management and Economics spoke on Consciousness-Based Education training in Nepal, Thailand and Australia, the benefits of practicing the Transcendental Meditation technique, and new research and programs at University of Management and Economics, Kampong Cham, Cambodia. H.E. Muon Veasna also presented the second edition of Maharishi Vedic University in Cambodia: Educational Reconstruction and Social Renewal.

His Excellency, Muon Veasna

Raja Vikram, Rajapark Institute

Conferrence delegates, 5th GMSIC 2018



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