International Research and Projects

MVRI engages in international research projects and initiatives. The scope of these may involve empirical qualitative, quantitative or mixed methods research or theoretical research, drawing from the knowledge and expertise of the MVRI scholarly community. It can involve mentoring in a number of areas, including higher education, sustainability science and Maharishi Vedic Science, peace initiatives through Consciousness-Based Education, and Maharishi Vastu Architecture and planning. MVRI currently collaborates with colleagues and institutions in New Zealand, Cambodia, Bali, Thailand, Perú, Kenya, United Kingdom and the United States.  

MVRI’s research collaborations have resulted in new studies, papers and educational documents and publications in such areas as urban sustainability, health-related quality-of-life, economic and social indicators in Cambodia, socio-political violence, the redefinition of sustainability in accord with Natural Law, and the effects of Maharishi Vedic Architecture on mental and physical health. Experts and researchers from New Zealand, Australia, Bali, Cambodia, and the USA are currently engaged in collaborative incubators, virtual exchanges, the establishment of research protocols and models, conducting field research, and documenting project outcomes.

With MVRI’s established record and expertise in Maharishi Vedic Science, and research project design and development, MVRI welcomes your support and engagement.

Since MVRI is an Approved Research Institute (ARI) with the Australian Federal Government and a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR), donations to MVRI are fully Tax Deductible. Please contact MVRI through our contact page, or email us at, for research and donation opportunities to support our research activities and international projects.


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