Rolf Kiupel

Committed to Vāstu Architecture, which he sees as synonymous with green, contemporary architecture and design for wellbeing, German architect Rolf Kiupel believes architecture should generate an uplifting feeling for a healthy and happier world. Rolf’s vision includes design of beautiful, functional, multi-generational housing.

A Construction Biologist (IBN, Germany), Building Energy Consultant, and Maharishi Vāstu Architect, Rolf Kiupel studied at the University of Stuttgart, and State Academy of Fine Arts, SAC Frankfurt. Rolf is also a teacher of Transcendental Meditation and Yoga, and has been a consulting architect for MERU, The Netherlands, for over 20 years. Rolf’s goal is to plan and build green, healthy architecture, designing Vāstu villas and residential parks globally.

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