Ognjen Djurovic

Ognjen Djurovic is a Serbian architect and partner at Centre for Urban Development Planning (CEP), a mid-size office in Belgrade. Ognjen studied at Belgrade University, and has worked in Aarhus, Delft, Paris, and New York. Experienced in architecture and urban planning, he has LEED Associate, Green Building certification. Receiving awards and winning architectural competitions, his designs span residential, commercial, office, transport terminals, and sport facilities. Ognjen’s work is featured internationally in books and exhibitions, including Bienalle di Venecia. Parallel to his architecture, he has pursued a life-long study of Vāstu and Jyotish. Ognjen has a postgraduate certificate in Maharishi Vedic Architecture, and Vāstu Planner and Vāstu Consultant Diploma. His interests extend to study at Devaguru Brihaspati Centre (a 400 year old Jyotish lineage) mentored by Guru V. Larsen.

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