Javier Ortiz Cabrejos

Peruvian architect and urban planner, Javier Ortiz Cabrejos is also an educator, poet, and lecturer in human development. One of Latin America’s few experts in Maharishi Vedic Architecture and Urban Planning, he has completed projects and also lectured on Maharishi Vāstu across Latin America, USA, and India. Javier has led Consciousness-Based Education initiatives—with Transcendental Meditation technique, Transcendental Meditation-Sidhi Program, and Yoga Asanas taught to more than 50,000 students in 60 schools in Latin America.

Javier’s work appears in Ajos & Zafiros and Imaginario def Arte, his collected poetry Brahm Darshan received the seal of Mesa Redonda of Peru, and he co-directed the Universal Mystical Poetry program (National Radio Peru). Javier’s Literature and Higher States of Consciousness was published in Uno Mismo and articles appear in Arquitextos, ARQ , Casas, El Comercio, Proyecta, and Apuntes. Javier’s forthcoming book Cosmic Architecture explores the common basis of design in ancient architectural systems of the world.


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