Frank Lyons

British architect, Frank Lyons (MPhil, Dip Arch(Dist), RIBA) is a Teaching Fellow at the University of Bath, and Director of Humane Architecture Ltd, an award winning Bristol practice—with RIBA Country House Competition awards—Wiswell, Lancashire and Grafton New Hall, Cheshire, and the prestigious ’Alexandria Library’, Egypt, and Wroclaw Concert Hall, Poland, awards.

Frank was Director of Programmes at University of Plymouth where he created the postgraduate programme in Humane Architecture. Since 2010, as faculty at University of Bath, he has lectured internationally and gained qualification in Maharishi Sthāpatya Veda.

The result of a quest he began after winning the RIBA Silver Medal as a young aspiring architect, Frank’s recent, seminal book The Architecture of Nothingness: An Explanation of the Objective Basis of Beauty in Architecture and the Arts has received wide acclaim: as from Christopher Cross,  ”Frank Lyons’ book is a courageous and ambitious attempt to deepen our understanding of what makes good architecture”; and from Geoffrey H. Baker, “Not since Christian Norberg-Schulz in ‘Intentions in Architecture’ outlined a systematic and complete framework for architecture, have I encountered such an ambitious and comprehensive investigation of architecture’s cultural role”; and from Paul Williams, “This thought provoking book explores…our subjective response to art and architecture and the intuitive processes that underlie creative practice, through bringing to light the rich layers of objectivity that can subliminally inform these processes.”

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