Dr Neil Hamill

Dr Neil Hamill is a Maharishi Vāstu Architect, Vishwakarman Professor of Sthāpatya Veda, and Director of MVRI. With a Ph.D. in Vedic Architecture and post-doctorate in temple design (under the tutelage of Kannippayyoor Namboothirippad, India), he has designed over 100 Maharishi Vastu buildings, including public buildings, offices, schools, and houses, in New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, Ghana, Thailand, India and Nepal, and designed and built a Vedic 64 Yogini Shakti temple in New Zealand in 2014 (the last generic temple of this type was constructed in India in 800 CE). Dr Hamill is also Director of the Institute of Vedic Architecture and City Planning, Maharishi University of Management, Iowa, USA.


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