Dr Corrina Bonshek

MVRI Advisory Board (Australia)

Ph.D. in Contemporary Arts

Dr Corrina Bonshek is on the Advisory Board of MVRI. Corrina has a PhD in Contemporary Arts, Western Sydney University, is an Australian composer whose music has been described as ‘beautifully shaped and contemplative’ and ‘deeply spiritual in intent’. Corrina has published widely and her music is performed globally (USA, India, Thailand, Taiwan, Cambodia, UK, Australia). She composed and directed the 90-minute Song to the Earth, a live music installation for string orchestra and percussion for Bleach Festival & Gold Coast Commonwealth Games Arts & Culture Festival. Her site-specific work Journey to the Centre is permanently installed in Centennial Park Sydney’s public labyrinth. Dr Bonshek is on the Editorial Board of JMVRI.


Photograph of Dr Bonshek courtesy of Nick Morrissey

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