Mirtha Huamancaja Franco

Mirtha Huamancaja Franco is a Peruvian architect, urban planner, founder and CEO of ECOART Constructora Inmobiliaria since 2003. Mirtha worked for the government of Perú in the City Hall of Surquillo as Subdirector of Planning and Land Registry for three years. She studied architecture and urbanism at Ricardo Palma University and holds a postgraduate certificate in Maharishi Vedic Architecture and Urban Planning (MERU). Mirtha, one of few Vedic architects working in Latin America, is a teacher of Transcendental Meditation since 1984, and was Director of Maharishi Institute of Science and Technology.

As CEO of ECOART her team is developing ecological projects—urban and beach houses, buildings, offices, hotels, stores and restaurants—where, using ecological materials, the principal objective is to design and build in accord with the laws of nature. “Our philosophy is to enhance the environment with each project we develop”.

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