Dr Lee Fergusson

Director MVRI

Professor of Maharishi Vedic Science, Education and Environment

Dr Lee Fergusson, Dip.FineArt, a Dip.Ed., M.A., Ph.D., is Professor of Maharishi Vedic Science, Education and Environment, Founding Director of MVRI, Director of the Professional Studies Masters Program at the University of Southern Queensland, Director of Prana World Group, and held positions of CEO Virotec International plc (UK), USA Global Link, Inc (USA), Director of Distance Education at Maharishi International University, and Co-Rector of Maharishi Vedic University, Cambodia.
Author of Virotec, Viromine Technology, Virotec at 16, What a Waste, Red Mud Futures, The Foundations of Art, and edited volumes including Redefining Sustainability, Lee’s papers appear in Asian Journal of Chemistry, History of Education, Journal of Environmental and Analytical Toxicology, Journal of Environmental Quality, Reflective Practice, Journal of Work-Applied Management, Perceptual and Motor Skills, Social Science Perspectives Journal, Studies in Asian Social Science, Higher Education Research and Development, and College Student Journal.


Maharishi Vedic Science, education and sustainability science

Higher education and administration

Environmental remediation, practice and research

Research methods and project design

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