Dr Anna Bonshek

Director MVRI

Professor of Maharishi Vedic Science and Art

Dr Anna Bonshek is Professor of Maharishi Vedic Science and Art, Founding Director of MVRI, Maharishi Vastu Consultant, Teacher of Transcendental Meditation, Arts Advisor to Arts Queensland, Advisor to Academy of Arts for Enlightenment, UK, and multi-media artist and author. Dr Bonshek is a Director of Prana World Group, Founder of Akshara Productions, Co-Rector of Maharishi Vedic University, Cambodia, was Assistant Professor of Art at Maharishi International University and has exhibited her art and published world-wide, with her seminal texts, Mirror of Consciousness: Art, Creativity and Veda and The Big Fish: Consciousness as Body, Structure and Space.


Maharishi Vedic Science and Maharishi Vastu Architecture

Art practice, design and visionary planning

Writing and publishing

Mentorship in creative practice

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